Winter Storm Stella

Please be advised, the coming weather system has the potential to drop 18 to 24 inches of heavy snow on our area. It is projected to start sometime around Midnight tonight and end late afternoon Tuesday. There will be complete white outs and high winds. When out walking, please stay to pedestrian areas only (stay out of streets) and wear highly visible clothing. Watch for downed trees and power lines, don’t go near them, report to the police dept. right away.

Keep in mind, the police dept. has the medicine pickup program with the Frenchtown Pharmacy for anyone not able to get out to get their medicines. Please call to arrange in as much advance as possible with the Pharmacy.
As this is expected to be a heavy snow, when shoveling, please use extreme caution and don’t overexert yourself.
During the storm any NON EMERGENCY questions, please call police headquarters at 908-996-2341 and leave a message.
If you have an EMERGENCY please call 911 or dispatch at 908-996-4820.
Mayor Brad Myhre and OEM, Karen Harmon are declaring a preliminary State of Emergency.

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A letter from Chief Allan W. Kurylka

I would like to take a moment to remind all property owner’s and renter’s of our two (2) Snow Ordinance, along with the removal of snow from your vehicle law.

(1)   Ordinance #615    Responsibility For Removal –

Property owners is required to have all snow/ice removed from sidewalk and fire hydrants located on property within twelve (12) hours of daylight after same.

(2)   Ordinance #616    Temporary Parking Prohibition for Snow Plowing and Removal

No parking for snow plowing and removal whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is two (2) inches or more and covers the street or highway, an emergency shall exist, no vehicles shall be parked on the following…. All County Roads, Bridge and Race Street, both sides.

Under 39:4-77.1, states that all ice and snow must be removed from all exposed surfaces of a vehicle.

I know that we all can work together and get through this troublesome winter.

If there should be any questions on anything, please don’t hesitate to call me at (908)996-2341

Chief Allan W. Kurylka



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