DATE:    December 26, 2017

INCIDENT:  Possession of a Handgun and possession of Hollow Point Bullets

OFFICER:  Ptl. Robert Young Jr. and Ptl. Dan Titen

ARRESTED:  Donna Marie Gracey, 59 YOA, Seminole, FL.


While Conducting DWI patrol, Ptl. Young stopped a 1996 Silver Honda bearing a FL registration on Bridge Street for tinted windows and view obstruction.  While Ms. Gracey was looking for her credentials, Ptl. Young observed a CWP.  Investigation revealed a loaded handgun with hollow point bullets located in Ms. Gracey’s purse.  Ms. Gracey was arrested and charged with possession of a loaded handgun and possession of hollow point bullets. MV summons issued for tinted windows and view obstruction.  Ms. Gracey was released pending court.